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Audio recordings

Audio Recording in Ferrara

High quality for perfect sound at the highest level!


Songs Arrangement in Ferrara

Original customization for your songs or demos

Mix & Mastering

Audio Mastering in Ferrara

Export to CD, SD, MP3, FLAC, etc.

Audio Recording Studio

Born in 1993 with the name of "B&B Production", over the years many artists and musicians have passed on nationally and internationally and in 2017 sees the reopening under the name of with a redesign of the hardware and software audio outboard. reach an accurate and faithful sound.

The studio is composed of a 35 sq.m. direction and a 25 sq.m frontal shooting room, all surrounded by a green garden. Possibility of simultaneous recording up to 8 microphones, solo singers, groups, etc.

Audio equipment: Direction

DAW / Sofware Pentium Core i5
Cubase 10
Wavelab 9.5
Audio Interfaces Zoom R-16
Analog FX Outboard  Drawmer 1960 Vacuum Tube
Drawmer M-500
Multi FX Lexicon LXP-1
Behringer Expander Mixer
Sound Expanders Yamaha TG-500
Korg M3R
Emu Proteus 1-XR
Alesis D4 + Ddrums & Casio Pads
Sound Synth CS1x Yamaha
Digital Piano Gem 88 keys
DAT Recorder Sony E-670
Microphones Beyerdynamic MC-740N
Akg C414ULS
Cad Equitek E-200
Cad Equitek E-300
n.2 Akg SE300B + CK-93
Akg B112
Shure SM57
n.4 Sennheizer e604
Sennheizer MD-441
Nearfields Monitor Yamaha NS-10M Studio
Event 20/20
Auratone 5C
Amplifier Sony
Headphones Amplifier Fostex 5 cuffie
Headphones  Akg K-270 Studio
Akg K-240
ecc. Shooting Room


Map of


f Carlo Alberto Bonazzi
O +39 339 2854870
(I receive by appointment only)
, Via Cento, 298/1A - 44049 Vigarano Mainarda (Ferrara) Italy




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